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New York City, 13th street Title: New York City, 13th street

Produced by Eddie Cumana and Stuard Bridges with vocals by Eva Svensson," 13Th street, New York City" is is both hysterical & genius. Leave it to Burlesque diva, EVA, to give it to you just as she took it! EVA turns this mutha-out with her spoken-word style of vocals, detailing her adventures of mayhem in NYC that lead from the party to her roof-top "getting it on." Oh yes... this gem has services for everyone with its modern day Burlesque in combination with mixes from dirty-funky house and electro to something a bit more bottom-heavy. This will make the timid blush and the smoke free puff-away, all the while getting' their groove on too. 13th Street will never be the same...Mixes by Bridges & Cumana, EG, Fama, D-Lav, Shlaven, Arenna and Nikos Toscani!

Cat No: 308X   Format: Music

Status: Out Of Stock   Price: $ 9.99



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