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Here in spirit Title: Here in spirit

Everyone knows ALAN T is OVAH...and will turn you inside-out faster that Chic. "Here In Spirit" serves fiercely and comes for LULA's throne! This has "Tenaglia is playin it"
written all over it...ya know the kinda production that beats you up, leaves you wanting more and all the while screaming "Daddy." It's gonna leave you upside down and spread ya like I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER. YES, FAMA's original mix carries without any calories! but Tribalishious, Nikos Toscani, Sketch & The insomniak, Kevin & Vincent, Dilamani & Ressek, Gabriel Robella and Frank Charles have done a great job bringing ALAN T's spirit out of the speakers and into the dancefloor with a high does of PHAT!

Cat No: 295X   Format: Music

Status: Out Of Stock   Price: $ 9.99



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