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The overall message of my song is that some DJs have the ability to change our life with their music journeys. Using the Artists lyrics just at the right time the Dj has the strength to open up doors in our soul we did not know existed. We can get answers, we can see the light, we can find the right way when we are lost right on the dancefloor. A Dj can give us the information we need through a song they are playing. They can save our life with a song. It's the truth. They let us feel their soul through their music. You can just feel what they feel and I love that. I am on my knees when a Dj gives me a piece of that inner feeling. When he allows me to get a glimps of his heart and soul and this song is a tool in that journey. What I don't love, what I detest are the ones that want bad things to happen to other people and I am not featuring them in a good light. Love to all of you who are not them!

Cat No: 467X   Format: Music

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No. Title, Song & Track Info Listen

1 LULA - Eddie Cumana vs Bruno Renno vs Eddie Amador Club Mix listen
2 LULA - Eddie Cumana vs Bruno Renno vs Eddie Amador Instrumental listen
3 LULA - Eddie Cumana vs Bruno Renno vs Eddie Amador Acapella listen


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