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Sheila Brody - E.Q. (I am in effect for you) Title: Sheila Brody - E.Q. (I am in effect for you)

While Sheila Brody is an underground treasure in the United States, Europe has acknowledged the talents of this versatile artist. Recording under the moniker, Blackwood, she has scored number one hits in Italy, where they've been privy to her powerhouse vocal style for some time. Brody, who has also toured with funk meister, George Clinton, prepares to unleash her stunning voice on a largely unsuspecting public and “E.Q.” is the perfect vehicle to showcase her unique gift. Brody joins forces with maestro producer Louie “Balo” Guzman for a musical tour de force from the house of Kult. Featuring four delicious cuts to salve the senses, “E.Q.” gets rolling with an epic garage track courtesy of Guzman. Amidst meaty kicks and pumped bass lines, “E.Q.” features a swirling rock guitar that propels the track, making it a tender morsel with full of piquant flavors. Louie “Balo” Guzman flips the script on the “Balo Dub,” a heady, overtly funky take on his soon-to-be garage classic. This time the walking bass and almost old school hip-hop style drums take center stage. Underground producer Danny “Buddah” Morales proves once again why he'll be the breakout talent to watch in the next millennium as he drops the “Buddah Vocal,” a fat, bouncy mix that's guaranteed to appeal to those heads who appreciate house that’s deep and smooth with ample grooves. As always, Brody's gritty vocals are beautifully juxtaposed against Buddah's infectious housee riff. The cut concludes with Kult’s wunder kind, Tobi One, with a speed garage remix that bounds through tribal territory with naked abandon. With One’s distinctive sonic elements, the clunky hi-hats, freaked bass, and Brody’s vocals sliced and diced, this should “nice-up” the dance floor lovely. If you thought house had gotten formulaic, the truly glorious Guzman-penned “E.Q.” should send you rushing to the stores for several copies. Absolutely priceless.

Cat No: 073X   Format: Music

Status: In Stock   Price: $ 7.99



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