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Terry Hunter -The fedinition of House E.P. Title: Terry Hunter -The fedinition of House E.P.

The enigmatic UBQ, aka Chicago-based duo Terry Hunter and Aaron Smith, serve up a platter brimming with meaty beats so succulent, it'll tempt the palates of even the most finicky house heads. This four cut EP kicks off with a track entitled “Help Me,” which stomps its way right into the cockles of your heart: with diva vocals, buoyant beats and hooks that should leave the listener mightily satisfied. Coupled with an instrumental for those who like to work their records, this is more than enough to sink your teeth into. Side two opens with “Galaxy,” a track that should bring a nostalgic sigh and dewy eyes to those of us old enough to remember disco's halcyon days. Featuring “discofied” bass lines and tinkly piano keys that any '70s icon would be proud off, UBQ add a post-modern vibe that should ensure the spirit of disco lives on well into the new millennium. Glorious!!! The EP concludes with “No Matter What (Regardless '98),” formerly known as “Regardless,” this reconstructed version displays house music's optimistic, melodic side, while still retaining raw Chicago beats to keep garage purists contented.

Cat No: 067X   Format: Music

Status: Out Of Stock   Price: $ 9.99



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