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KULT Records presents - Dj Sampler Volume 7 Title: KULT Records presents - Dj Sampler Volume 7

With Kult's DJ Sampler series everyday is like Christmas!!! This latest edition is no exception with four choice tracks that has should be ubiquitous in clubland. Kevin Yost is one of possibly one of house music's fastest rising stars. He made his recording debut in 1995 with this remix of Mila's “Show Your Feelings Inside,” an Afrocentric vinyl excursion, deftly reconstructed by Benji Candelario. This tribal house set was a seminal classic first time around and is set to do the same on its second outing. Kult newcomer and DJ/producer superstar in the making, Tobi One shows no signs of slowing down with “Old School Vibes,” his ultra-percussive tune, which pays homage to deep house music's old school days of yore. The prodigious Tobi One adds his trademark tapestry of complicated, highly engaging beats, with enough dark effects to keep the minimalists amongst us happy. Tributes don't get much better than this. Side two opens with Miguel Placencia's bouncy instrumental version of Deep Swing's “I Am Somebody” (which is a tasty appetizer for the entree, Placencia's full vocal mix, soon to be released on Kult). This track bobs and weaves more than a world class prize fighter, while packing a head-bobbing punch of huge proportions. Upbeat and optimistic, “I Am Somebody” is brassy, with intricate kicks and snares that give the track added propulsion. Canadian producer Andy Roberts' “Ruff & Raw” caused seismic stirrings throughout the global dance industry two years ago, when this dance floor-friendly cut first hit the clubs. For those who missed the boat (Shame on you!), Roberts delivers “Ruff & Raw '98,” an updated version that retains the same elements of its predecessor, though this time it's leaner, meaner and more lethal. Now, those who sought after the original can seek solace within these juicy grooves.

Cat No: 063X   Format: Music

Status: In Stock   Price: $ 9.99



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