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Cricco Castelli - The Next EP Title: Cricco Castelli - The Next EP

Creative Italian producer Castelli returns with another winning EP of groovy goods, leading off with the stellar jazz/funk instrumental "The Black Babe." With its "Dancin" vocal refrain,-shaking bass licks, sassy brass blasts, grand strings, rousing piano rolls and organ progressions, it's a completely compelling, floor mover true to Castelli's epic style. He always takes you on a journey within his compositions, and this one's a fun, head-bobbin', toe-Tappin' one for sure. "Cricco & Mike" is the second cut, with bigger bass bursts, spacey effects, and those trademark gritty beats-good for transitions and more adventuresome deep/garage crowds. On the B side, "Swhing" draws on a more filtered funk vibe, with some nice retro samples woven in, and "You Don't Know" speeds up the pace a little with a hard-hitting beat attack and loads of spacey effects until it breaks to another great retro sample. Frankly, I don't know why I even bother trying to describe his work, because I'd take up the whole magazine if I were to really try to capture every diverse element that goes into making every Cricco Castelli track: suffice it to say that you really need to give each cut a good long listen to appreciate it's genius. *****

Cat No: 071X   Format: Music

Status: Out Of Stock   Price: $ 10.99



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