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Dj Sampler Volume 5 Title: Dj Sampler Volume 5

The fifth installment in the stellar DJ Sampler series finds Kult Records steering deep house to an experiment level, one that should please dance music taste- makers everywhere. Serious musicologists will be particularly drawn to the Samplers opener courtesy of Louie Balo Guzman & Rob Aaron. Entitled ‘EQ,’ this cut is a soulful fantasia rich in melancholic harmonies, one that employs a driving guitar solo that serves as the main hook. Guzman and Aaron shun sample-based rhythms for music that’s performed by live musicians in the studio. The result is truly an aural treat. This instrumental of ‘EQ’ is an appetizer for the main entree, a soon-to-be version featuring the seductive vocals of songstress, Sheila Brody. Lenny Fontana provides a nugget for those music fans, who can’t seem to get enough of ‘I Need Somebody,’ his Deep Swing project featuring A7. Fontana’s groove-conscious garage instrumental is the perfect compliment to the vocal version giving DJs the ultimate tools for working their mixes.
The flip side gets under way with ‘No Name,’ a new track from Cricco Castelli, a superstar producer in the making. For those who’ve come to expect only the best from this Italian wunder kid, on KULT ‘No Name’ promises plenty and delivers with astounding impact. Cricco’s production is intricate and complex, taking the cut on head-jolting melodic twists and turns. Finally, Sheamus Haji gets to ‘Stepping’ with his new Kult offering. Those familiar with Sheamus Haji’s body of work will relish this mellifluous dancefest. Funky grooves, slinky instrumentation and a tight, slick production makes this a must-have of titanic proportions.
As always, Kult Records delivers with the DJ Sampler 5, one that’s guaranteed to get and keep listeners firmly ‘kultivated.’

Cat No: 055X   Format: Music

Status: In Stock   Price: $ 6.99



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