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The Playesr Club [Mantronik] feat. Richard Bush Title: The Playesr Club [Mantronik] feat. Richard Bush

Also on sauntering down the comeback trail is Kurtis Mantronik, who ends a four-year break from recording with several strong new jams for New York's Kult Records. First up is Disco 97, an EP that happily blends 70s-styled froth with 90s-fashioned house vigor. Let It Go is a standout cut, with its shoulder-shaking percussion and plush keyboards. Clubland vets will be able to easily trace the evolutionary steps Mantronik has taken between his late-80s breakthrough hit, Fresh Is The Word. and now. The producer has also reconnected with musician/engineer Richard Bush (who played on a number of his early hits) to form the Players Club, an act with feasible prospects in the pop arena. The group's first single, Touch Me Right, is due in the spring, and it conjures up mental images of what a creative meeting between Tavares and Ten City might sound like. We can hardly wait to hear the album that is in progress. If the recently completed tracks Changes and Hold Your Head Up are a fair indication, it is going to be major.
Larry Flick- Billboard Magazine

Cat No: 057X   Format: Music

Status: In Stock   Price: $ 8.99



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