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DEEP SWING feat. A7 - I am somebody Title: DEEP SWING feat. A7 - I am somebody

Deep Swing knows how to get a party started right and if any DJ worth their salt knows the score, they’ll realize the best place to start is right here with ‘I Am Somebody’. The anticipated follow-up to Deep Swing’s ‘He’s Got The Love’ storms onto turntables the length and breadth of the garage house nation "I Am Somebody" is a bouncy smorgasbord of juicy soulsonic forces. The main Deep Swing cut, which kicks off the 12” is the perfect foundation for the spiritually-uplifting vocals of gospel outfit, A7. This tour de force delivers a message of optimism lovingly enveloped in some of the smoothest garage rhythms around. The second track is the kinetic Lenny Fontana Mix that retains all the elements of the original with a deeper garage feel. Lenny Fontana’s gorgeous production bounces along nicely as A7’s vocals interweave ,with the profusion of melodies. Danny ‘Buddha’ Morales’ muscle-bound mix should more than suffice those garage heads with a predeliction for music with an edgier aesthetic. Buddha’s mix retains the optimistic vibe of the song, adding his distinctive tribalistic signature to a cut that’s guaranteed to add fuel to any dancefloor fire. Lenny Fontana brings the party proceedings to a close with an instrumental version of his mix. Making minimal use of A7’s vocals, Fontana places emphasis on the sweeping melodies as the tracks main propellant.All-in-all, a supreme collective effort that caters to even the most finicky clubhead without a hint of compromise.

Cat No: 056X   Format: Music

Status: In Stock   Price: $ 6.99



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