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Richard Bush -Gonna Win Title: Richard Bush -Gonna Win

Mr. Bush has a serious predilection for layered vocals and storming melodies. Listen to his past projects, including “Touch Me Right,” with Kurtis Mantronik at the helm, for a prime example of what this man is capable of. This prolific singer/songwriter/producer gets the season off to a flying start with “Gonna Win,” a garage feast that has the mark of Bush imprinted all over it. The Bush-penned track is produced by keyboard wizard, Johan Brunkvist, who is best known for his keyboard work on cuts by Todd Terry, Benji Candelario and Tony Humphries. “Gonna Win” is a twirly garage offering that’s bright, airy and beautifully melodic, with a pumping percussive backdrop that gives it a solid backbone. Danny ‘Buddah’ Morales’ provides two perfectly crafted mixes that should further confirm why he will no doubt be a sought-after remixer in the coming months. Side A. features Buddah’s “Cab Fare Mental,” a minimal instrumental version of his vocal remix. This version omits the organ and vocals for a down and dirty bare bones outing that smacks of 5am dance floor fodder. Humorously titled Featured on Side B. the “Gatta Go To London Mix,” Buddah’s main vocal, distorts the vocal harmonies, which shimmy round a funk bass line, a Hammond organ solo and thumping kick. Slamming and top notch, a remix that goes against the grain. The 12” concludes with the cryptically titled “Shade Tronik in the Light Mix,” which features a spine-tingling diatribe to the shadier variety of club denizens. The combination of Bush’s dark spoken word and Brunkvist’s flawless production is the stuff that dreams are made of. “Gonna Win” is an essential crowd pleaser with eclectic mixes to cater to all your whims.

Cat No: 065X   Format: Music

Status: Out Of Stock   Price: $ 9.99



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